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5 Stars
The Cat’s Pajamas has been Snowy’s home away from home for the past 14 years. Lisa takes great care of him, and I can travel with peace of mind knowing that he is safe, comfortable and happy. Thank you, Lisa!
Karen Chen

We have an 18 year old “Senior Kittizen” who stays at the Cat’s Pajamas for a few weeks at a time, a few times a year. Lisa is wonderful with our girl, Bigsy, and she is just as relaxed there as she is at home. Knowing that Lisa is a Registered Veterinary Technologist gives us added peace of mind. We recommend The Cat’s PJs without hesitation!
Patty and David Peters

Lisa and The Cat’s Pajamas are both wonderful! Our many cats have stayed at The Cat’s Pajamas over a number of years. We have peace of mind on vacation knowing that our cats are in excellent hands. Lisa has also earned high praise from our veterinarian. We wouldn’t dream of taking our cats anywhere else!
Bev and Bernie Chalmers

We have been boarding our cats with Lisa for over 15 years and are
extremely happy with her care. She LOVES our cats, and they LOVE her
in return. You can see this as they enthusiastically head butt her
when she greets them!

The cats get play time, time to socialize if they want to, time with
human physical contact, and time in a screened and roofed outdoor
area. The wonderful roomy suites allow all 3 of our guys to stay
together, but with enough space that they are not tripping over each
And, the music background is older classic rock!! Could it get better?

Crom and Cathy Sparling

Sassy has been going to The Cats Pajamas since she was 8 weeks old – she is
now 14 years old . She truly lives up to her name and can be quite a
brat ! Despite her ornery nature, Lisa has always provided
exceptional care for Sassy. She boards with Lisa 3-4 times per year and I
always feel confident she is in capable hands. There are many options
available ( she loved the fantasy suites when she was younger and more
energetic) with lots of opportunity for play and social interaction .
I highly recommend The Cats Pajamas , your kitty will be safe & happy.

January 2015
Marsha Stephen

Our three cats, mother Missy and her daughters Pebbles and Pepper,
have enjoyed vacationing at “The Cats Pajamas” now for over 10 years and would,
if they could, thank Lisa profusely for taking purr-fectly great care of them.

They enjoy residing together as a family in one of the large suites with
their own window on the world outside complete with wildlife – birds,
squirrels, chipmunks and even the occasional deer.

As owners, we appreciate the fact that this is a “cats only” boarding
facility and have always come home to find the cats in excellent health.
As our previous cats aged we were always confident in Lisa’s background
as a Vet.Technician that their individual health needs would be
monitored and met as needed, and indeed they were. The facility is
cleaned and disinfected daily and a walk through indicates such.
Lisa, you provide professional, loving, compassionate care for your furry clients
and we have no hesitation in recommending The Cats Pajamas as an excellent boarding facility.

December 2014
John and Valerie Bateman

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